Trainer Day and Fitness Friday

Since I have been sharing some of my work-out sessions online as a means of tracking, keeping myself honest and accountable, and to promote different exercise regimens, I thought I would share my Trainer Thursday session info as well as my Fitness Friday routine.  I am actually using Saturday as a 'pseudo-rest', though I did … Continue reading Trainer Day and Fitness Friday


Needs More Kettlebell

Kettlebells used to scare me.  I have no idea why, but they just seemed intimidating.  They almost looked more like some sort of weaponry you would find in some crude battlefield from medieval times.  It would have some gory name like Skullbasher or something.  "You there, naif, bring me my Skullbasher."  Yes, I just went … Continue reading Needs More Kettlebell

I'm An Addict

If I were to be front and center at an addiction meeting, it would sound something similar to:"Hello, my name is Jaded Pixels and I am an addict." But, what is my addiction you may ask.  That is pretty simple (especially if you look at the image above).  I am addicted to being in the … Continue reading I'm An Addict